You can find on this page the map of Istanbul ferry. Istanbul ferry is a transit system serving the city of Istanbul (Turkey) with the subway, the urban, suburban & commuter train, the tram and the bus. The ferry network has 6 lines.

Istanbul ferry map

Istanbul ferries exist since 1851 and are operated by the Şehir Hatları.

Its network includes the following 6 lines:

• Line Eminönü ↔ Üsküdar
• Line Eminönü ↔ Haydarpaşa ↔ Kadiköy
• Line Kabataş ↔ Kadiköy
• Line Karaköy ↔ Haydarpaşa ↔ Kadiköy
• Line Beşiktaş ↔ Kadiköy
• Line Beşiktaş ↔ Üsküdar